Welcome Aboard Atlantic Bulk Limited

For nearly 35 years, Atlantic Bulk has proudly served as an industry leader in the maritime community by providing cost effective, USCG Certified fuel & lubricant transfers from Maine to North Carolina. as well as a strong proficiency in Industrial Chemical Handling & Treatment services in the Mid-Atlantic territory. Atlantic Bulk is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service delivered with expertise, uncompromising integrity, knowledge, pride and company spirit.

Maritime Services

USCG-Approved Provider of Marine Fueling & Transfers

As a facilitator of USCG Approved Marine Fueling & Transfers, Atlantic Bulk and our vast network of strategic partners, aim to be your all-inclusive provider of marine services including but not limited to the services listed below.

Bulk fuel deliveries of all grades of Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, and Jet Fuel
Bulk & packaged lubricant deliveries
Bulk & packaged Diesel Exhaust Fluid deliveries (DEF)
Bulk potable and fresh water deliveries
Environmentally responsible removal and recycling of grey water, slops & sludge
Environmental products such as spill kits, sorbents, clean drums, supersacks and more…

Industrial Services

Experienced Chemical Handling

With 25 years of safely & proficiently aiding industrial supply chains, Atlantic Bulk has the technical expertise and equipment to provide solutions for your business. Be it in a refinery, terminal, or elsewhere, Atlantic Bulk offers customers a unique service in many aspects of chemical handling. Thanks to our strategic location in Middletown, DE, we’re able to efficiently fulfil the following services and more:

Safe storage of product totes at our location
HAZMAT transportation and delivery
Product transfers
Bulk tank treatments
In-line injections


Atlantic Bulk Certifications

At Atlantic Bulk, safety is our top priority. As such, we adhere to strict guidelines to perform our deliveries in a professional manner. We strive to help our customers stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with current events and regulations in order to help you stay compliant. Please see the below list of safety and compliance qualifications:

Spill Response and Remediation Partners
DISA Testing Consortium
USCG Certifications
40CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Materials Technician
49 CFR DOT Compliant 300‑399
33 CFR 154.100‑700
33 CFR 155.710 Designated Person in Charge (shore side)
Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)
Frequent Safety Meetings and Audits

Our Team

Jonathan Proscia, Managing Director

Jonathan Proscia is a graduate of the Fort Schuyler Maritime Academy. With his USCG Unlimited License and a BA in Marine Operations, he began his career as a 2nd Mate on Dynamic Positioning Vessels where he attained hands on experience in the maritime industry. Joining Atlantic Bulk as General Manager in 2015, Jonathan hopes to use his knowledge of maritime safety and compliance to help the company thrive in its rapidly evolving environment.

Steven Weller, Operations Manager

Steven Weller has gained valuable knowledge working in the field for Atlantic Bulk. He also, has previous experience in managing other companies. He knows how to operate the equipment and work with the staff to accomplish the company’s goals. Steven has vast experience in marine fuel pumping and refinery work, as well. He will use the information gained in the field to help satisfy all of the customer’s needs.

Raphael Boccella, Business Development

Ralph Boccella joined Atlantic Bulk in December 2015 in the role of Business Development. After obtaining a BA in Political Science, he honed his interpersonal skills in previous roles marketing both products and programs to various markets and communities. Ralph hopes to use his previously acquired skills and experience to both reinforce old partnerships as well as build new ones within industry.

Pump Operators

Atlantic Bulk has a team of Pump Operators who serve as PICs for the fleet of pump trucks across the East coast. Each comes equipped with various skills and expertise to complement the array of certifications Atlantic Bulk has required of them, including but not limited to various Hazmat certifications and TWIC cards. Combined they have over 30 years of experience with the company.