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Is your company's fueling complicated, expensive or time-consuming?

With AB, it doesn't have to be.AB Fueling simplifies fueling, saving your company time, money, and unnecessary headaches. Based in Middletown, Delaware, AB Fueling proudly provides premium fueling and fuel management services to businesses like yours in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

What AB Fueling Brings To Your Business.

“We engage with and learn about you, hone in on your needs, and give you and your business the service and support you need.”
- Jonathan Proscia, AB Fueling Managing Director

As your fueling services supplier, AB Fueling will bring more to your business than what you have had access to in the past. Services include the following:

  • Tank Filling
  • On-Site Delivery - Same-Day or Next-Day for Local Deliveries
  • Night Fueling
  • Portable Tank Rental
  • Tank Polishing
  • Tank Cleaning

Simplify Fuel Management with AB Fueling

We offer the following benefits



Save time and money with AB Fueling. We provide on-site delivery, which allows your team to forgo costly and time-consuming trips for fueling. To prevent price fluctuations from impacting your business, AB Fueling offers fixed-price contracts.


Superior Service

AB Fueling goes above and beyond the competition. With 24/7 availability, our team can answer your calls and make your deliveries around the clock. AB Fueling also offers remote deliveries using a small and agile tanker. .



The AB Fueling team has 35+ years of experience in fueling as a subsidiary of Atlantic Bulk Limited. Our growing team offers perspectives and backgrounds that ensure you will receive services that meet your needs and help you accomplish your goals.



AB fueling provides safe and compliant fueling solutions with USCG-approved delivery methods. We have a standard of practice and operate a commissioned mobile transfer facility, which goes beyond standard requirements.

AB Fueling safety and compliance qualifications include

  • USCG Certifications
  • Spill Response and Remediation Partners
  • DISA Testing Consortium
  • 40 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Materials Technician
  • 49 CFR DOT Compliant 300-399
  • 33 CFR 154.100-700
  • 33 CFR 155.710 Designated Person in Charge

"Turn Your Fueling Needs Into Solutions"

Who We Are

AB Fueling, an Atlantic Bulk Limited company, is a fuel management services provider backed by over 35 years of experience in the marine fueling industry. The AB Fueling team and our approach to filling your fueling needs set us apart. Our team features a diverse range of experience and backgrounds to create an ideal experience for your team and business.
Jonathan Proscia

Jonathan Proscia

Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director
Jonathan has a deep knowledge of the industry, and is driven by safety, compliance, and creating opportunities for clients.
Steven Weller

Steven Weller

General Manager & Field Supervisor
Steven, an experienced manager, is an expert in fuel pumping and refinery work.
Danny Yasosky

Danny Yasosky

Vice President of Business Development
Danny, an experienced marine fuel trader, focuses on discovering new opportunities and implementing and overseeing strategy.
Jonathan Derosa

Jonathan Derosa

Sales Manager
Jonathan is an experienced Trading Manager with a history of success working in oil and energy. His expertise in fueling helps clients locate the right fuel for their needs.

"Bring Experience to Your Company’s Fuel Management Efforts"

What AB Fueling Brings to Your Industry

AB Fueling specializes in four industries: marinas, construction companies & worksites, industrial farms, and trucking companies. For each industry we provide custom solutions that go above and beyond the industry standard. Our services are anchored by our experienced team and our growing list of equipment and capabilities.

Trucking Companies

AB Fueling provides a valuable alternative to wasting time and money by making constant and unnecessary trips to a local gas station. We offer off-road/on-road diesel gasoline in larger quantities than competitors. We also offer an extra hose, night fueling, portable tanks, additional hose length (200+ feet), and-USCG approved fuel delivery.


AB Fueling is a subsidiary of Atlantic Bulk Limited, the premier supplier of fuel, lubricant, and additive pumping services along the Eastern Seaboard in the marine industry. Marine expertise sets our services apart from the competition for marinas.

We provide USCG Certified delivery, and offer two custom services for marinas:

Fuel Dock Refueling
AB Fueling supplies your marina’s fuel docks at wholesale prices. We will schedule delivery for what works best for your business, and practice safe delivery methods.
Direct Yacht Fueling
For marinas without a fuel dock, AB Fueling offers fuel delivery directly to yachts. This added service is convenient for your business and your customers.

Construction Companies & Worksites

Fast turnaround, nearby dispatch, and portable tank rental options help your construction company or worksite remain flexible and avoid costly delays. For local deliveries, AB Fueling provides same-day or next-day delivery throughout Delaware. We also provide tank polishing, cleaning, and filling services.

Industrial Farms

AB Fueling provides a fast local option for fueling. We offer same-day or next-day delivery, economical freight, and night fueling services so your farm can keep moving forward even after traditional business hours.
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"Bring Experience to Your Company’s Fuel Management Efforts"

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